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The ULANC Group: working together in CRSwNP/asthma

Presented by
Prof. Vibeke Backer, Rigshospitalet/Copenhagen University, Denmark
NLC 2022
Prof. Vibeke Backer (Rigshospitalet/Copenhagen University, Denmark) addressed collaboration opportunities in the field of global airway disease and pointed out the work of the ULANC Group. This European consortium – in which pulmonologists and ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialists are represented – aims to optimise management of airway disease in the broadest sense of the word for the benefit of both patients and healthcare providers.

“Objectives of the ULANC group are 4-fold,” Prof. Backer explained, “firstly, to build a consensus of expert opinion on practical ways to identify patients needing a global airways approach; secondly, to enhance cross-speciality collaboration and referral. Thirdly, to widen the knowledge to support the diagnosis and management of patients with CRSwNP and asthma, and finally, to suggest ways to integrate these suggestions within existing care pathways, and supplement existing guidelines.” The underlying hypotheses which the ULANC Group thoroughly explored, feature the idea that improving global airways knowledge among specialists will facilitate timely and adequate treatment, and that systematic assessment of both the upper and lower airways increases the likelihood of discovering global airways disease [1]. “Also, collaboration between upper and lower airway physicians will improve treatment and disease control in patients with global airways disease,” Prof. Backer pointed out. “Collaboration across all treating physicians is vital. Hopefully, ULANC stimulates reflection, prompts cross-functional discussion, and renews the focus on improving care for patients with global airways disease.”

  1. Backer V. Collaboration opportunities in global airway diseases. Nordic Lung Congress 2022, 01–03 June, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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