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Lung cancer screening in Denmark

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Dr Zaigham Saghir, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
NLC 2022
Systematic lung cancer screening of high-risk groups offers great potential for reducing the disease burden and mortality of lung cancer. In January 2021, a proposal was submitted to the Danish National Board of Health to introduce this screening modality in Denmark. The proposal recommends systematic annual low-dose CT screening of high-risk groups with integrated smoking cessation intervention aimed at individuals aged 55–74 years, who are current or former smokers (>10 cigarettes/day for 30 years or >15 cigarettes/day for 25 years). “Consequently, more lung cancers can be detected in early stages of the disease which helps to decrease the numbers of late-stage cancer with a subsequent reduction in both disease-specific and overall mortality,” Dr Zaigham Saghir (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) explained. However, screening may also induce harmful effects such as false-positive findings as well as overdiagnosis. The Dutch-Belgian NELSON trial sho...

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