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Switching biologicals in severe asthma

NLC 2022
Switching between biologicals in patients with severe asthma can be considered in case of poor response to treatment (including exacerbations, symptom control, and lung function), side effects, and if patients are pregnant or breastfeeding. With the increasing number of available products, switching between biologicals will become part of common daily clinical practice and so far, combining type2-targeted biologicals seems safe and effective [1]. With increasing insights, more differentiated treatment algorithms and long-term safety and efficacy evaluations will follow in the near future. Currently, 5 biologicals are available for the treatment of severe asthma: omalizumab (anti-IgE), mepolizumab, reslizumab, and benralizumab (anti-IL-5/5Rα), and dupilumab (anti-IL-4Rα). Possible switches include switching to another biological with a similar or different mode of action or to combine two different modes of action following case reports showing a good clini...

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