At Medicom Medical Publishers, We bring the conference to the physician. Medicom publishes medical scientific content from over 40 major international medical congresses. We filter, rate, collate, and disseminate the most relevant clinical updates, providing background, clinical implications, new guidelines, and interpretations of practice-changing studies.

Medicom’s Conference Portal provides registered physicians with the latest congress news and other scientific updates.
Conference Reports

Medicom publishes the following conference coverage:

Online First Articles

    • News articles, released during or immediately after the conference
Medicom Highlights Conference

    • A scientifically edited collection of news articles with the key findings of the most relevant conference sessions
    • Published 2-3 weeks after the conference
Medicom Conference Report Series in Medicine

The independent and peer-reviewed reports provide an overview of the most important sessions of the conference and serve as an update for those unable to attend the congress, as well as a lasting reference for those who did attend.

    • Reports include key findings, updated guidelines, state-of-the-art reviews, clinical updates, and late-breaking trial results, enriched with KOL interviews, podcasts, and selected licensed conference videos
    • Published 8 weeks after the conference
Conference Proceedings 

A compendium of peer-reviewed conference papers written by the presenting authors. Learn more.
Disease Areas 

A collection of content from various medical congresses surrounding a particular disease or disorder, including relevant peer-reviewed Medicom conference articles and Expert Interviews.
Medical News 

A collection of relevant scientifically edited Medicom news articles and Expert Interviews sorted by medical speciality.

Our hosts Dr Rachel Giles and Robert van Heuvel present the Medicom Podcast Channel with summaries of articles presented at the major international medical conferences.

The Medicom Conference Video Channel provides selected licensed conference videos.

Our team

The 17 team members of Medicom have a long history in medical publishing. From our editorial team publishing medical news and scientific quality reports, to experienced consultants creating creative supplementary content.

Our clients

Our primary clients are the physicians who read our Open Access publications. Our publications are financed with support from public healthcare agencies, medical societies, and sponsorship from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Our partners

We work with several internationally renowned medical societies and publishers. We work with the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), European Association of Urology (EAU), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and many more. We have partnerships with ContentEdNet, Doctors.net.uk, Networks in Health, the BMJ, the Lancet, Wiley, and many others.