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PRO-ART study: unravelling the link between asthma and subfertility

Presented by
Dr Anne Hansen, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
NLC 2022
Phase 2, PRO-ART
The association between asthma and decreased fertility is currently being investigated in the PRO-ART study. The outcomes are expected to provide insights into the underlying mechanism and help to increase our understanding of this complex relationship.

Asthma and sub-/infertility are among the most common chronic disorders in young adults [1]. Moreover, women with asthma seem to experience a prolonged time of unwanted non-conception [2]. Despite a possible association between asthma and decreased fertility, the underlying mechanisms are presently unknown. Possibly, the asthma-associated systemic inflammation may affect the reproductive organs and/or the germ cells thereby reducing fertility.

The primary objective addressed in the PRO-ART study is to investigate whether systemic treatment with omalizumab (aimed at controlling systemic asthma-related inflammation as well as at improving asthma control) may improve the pregnancy rate/outcomes in women with type2-asthma (NCT03727971). Secondary objectives include, among other, local and systemic inflammatory biomarkers and asthma control. This multicentre study has a randomised, 2-arm parallel, placebo-controlled design. The study started in January 2019, aiming to include 180 women, with the estimated study completion date of 31 December 2024 [3]. Dr Anne Hansen (Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark) pointed out that “The role of the men should also be considered as over the last decades the overall sperm quality has been decreasing globally. Could systemic asthma-related inflammation play a role in this decline? To get a more complete picture, further research is needed [4].”

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