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Effects of passive vaping in COPD patients

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Prof. Torben Sigsgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark
NLC 2022
The results from a Danish study point out that exposure to passive vaping from e-cigarettes may induce an acute systemic and airway inflammatory response in COPD patients. This calls for more research to elucidate the impact of passive vaping. Prof. Torben Sigsgaard (Aarhus University, Denmark) presented the outcomes of a study which aimed to examine acute health effects of passive exposure to aerosol generated by e-cigarettes in individuals with COPD under controlled conditions. The hypothesis was that exposure to passive vaping is associated with inflammation and self-reported respiratory symptoms. This study had a randomised, double-blind, controlled, cross-over design in which participants were exposed to either passive vaping or clean air for 4 hours with a wash-out period of 14 days, followed by a second exposure (4 hours) to either clean air or passive vaping. A total of 16 COPD patients were included of whom 6 women and 10 men. All were former smo...

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