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Asthma increases risks around delivery

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Dr Paula Kauppi, University of Helsinki, Finland
NLC 2022
Asthma is associated with increased risks of perinatal mortality, preterm birth, asphyxia, low birth weight, and foetal growth restriction (small for gestational age [SGA]), Dr Paula Kauppi (University of Helsinki, Finland) explained in her lecture. Asthma treatment reduces the risk of preterm delivery, but it does not seem to reduce other complications (esp. not the perinatal mortality rate). A Finnish study aimed to assess the association between maternal asthma and the perinatal risks as well as the possible impact of asthma medication on these risks. The study included 962,405 singleton live and stillbirths in which 93.3% of pregnancies were in mothers with neither confirmed asthma nor use of asthma medication and 2.8% pregnancies in mothers who had confirmed maternal asthma. Main outcome measures were premature birth, low birth weight, SGA, and neonatal death. Maternal asthma was associated with an adjusted odds ratio (aORs) for perinatal mortality o...

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