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Risk of COVID-19 not increased in MS patients

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Results of the largest community-based study of COVID-19 in MS worldwide suggest that people with MS are not more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection than the UK general population [1]. During lockdown, with strict physical distancing measures, disease-modifying treatment (DMT) use or physical disability did not increase the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 nor affected recovery from COVID-19. Participants of the United Kingdom MS Register (UKMSR) were asked to answer a COVID-19-related survey at admission and a follow-up survey every 2 weeks, depending on whether they reported COVID-19. The mean age of the 5,309 participants was 52.4 years, 76.1% were female. The overall incidence of self-diagnosed COVID-19 in this cohort was 535 (10.1%). In a time when testing facilities were still very limited, 75 of these 535 COVID-19 cases were confirmed by RT-PCR test. The COVID-19 incidence in this cohort peaked during the second week after lockdown started on 23 ...

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