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No new safety signals in ofatumumab open-label data

MS Virtual 2020
Only a few weeks prior to the MSVirtual 2020, the fully human anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody ofatumumab was approved by the FDA for the treatment of relapsing forms of MS. In the open-label extension study ALITHIOS, ofatumumab's very good safety profile was consistent with data from the core phase 3 ASCLEPIOS I/ASCLEPIOS II trials [1,2].

The indication of ofatumumab is to include clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), relapsing-remitting MS, and active secondary progressive MS in adults. In the ASCLEPIOS trials, ofatumumab demonstrated superior efficacy versus teriflunomide and a favourable safety profile in relapsing-remitting MS patients [2]. Long-term safety data continues to be collected from the open-label phase 3b ALITHIOS extension study.

The overall safety data of all participants in ALITHIOS was reported [1]. This data included 1,230 patients who were randomised to ofatumumab in the core phase 2 APLIOS (12 weeks) or phase 3 ASCLEPIOS I/II (up to 30 months) trials and continued in ALITHIOS, or completed/discontinued the core study and continued the safety follow-up; and 643 patients who were randomised to teriflunomide in ASCLEPIOS I/II and switched to ofatumumab in ALITHIOS.

The overall exposure was 2,118 patient-years.

The most frequently reported adverse events (AEs) were injection-related reactions and upper respiratory tract infections. Most AEs were mild to moderate in severity; the incidence of AEs, serious AEs, or grade 3/4 AEs did not increase in either group. There were no deaths. The overall safety profile was consistent with reports from the core ASCLEPIOS I/II trials. In the newly switched group, injection-related reactions were mild to moderate; none were serious or led to treatment discontinuation. Concerning AEs of special interest: there were no opportunistic infections, hepatitis B reactivation, or progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) events. There were no new cases of malignancies in the continuous or newly switched patients either.

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