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Assessing demyelination using myelin water imaging

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Myelin water imaging (MWI) is an in vivo MRI technique that images water trapped between the lipid bilayers of myelin, providing a quantitative measure of myelin: the myelin water fraction (MWF). MWI provides evidence for unique anatomical-functional relationships between myelin damage and cognition in MS. It can be used to monitor changes in myelination and its relationship to cognitive worsening or improvement [1]. This study aimed to determine possible anatomical-functional relationships between myelin content and myelin damage location and cognitive performance. A sample of 76 patients with clinically definite MS and 22 age-, sex-, and education-matched healthy controls was used. MS patients had a median EDSS of 3.2 (range 1.0 – 8.5) and median disease duration of 15.5 years (0.3 - 48.0). They all underwent cognitive testing and MRI. Cognitive testing was performed with assessments drawn from cognitive batteries validated for use in MS. Non-p...

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