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MS Virtual 2020 Highlights Podcast

Presented by
Michiel Tent, Medicom
MS Virtual 2020


Michiel Tent summarises 6 abstracts from the MS Virtual 2020 and its Encore Event:

    1. EDSS and age are risk factors for severe COVID-19 in MS patients
      Louapre C. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract SS02.06.
    2. Brain alterations at onset of first demyelinating event
      Collorone S. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract LB01.04.
    3. Amantadine, modafinil, and methylphenidate for MS-related fatigue
      Nourbakhsh B, et al. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract PS13.03.
    4. Masitinib possible new treatment of progressive MS
      Vermersch P, et al. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract FC04.01.
    5. No new safety signals in ofatumumab open-label data
      Cross AH, et al. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract P0234.
    6. The MS prodrome
      Tremlett H. MSVIRTUAL2020, Abstract PL01.01.

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