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Outcomes in patients on alemtuzumab with thyroid adverse events

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In alemtuzumab-treated patients from the CARE-MS core and extension trials, the thyroid adverse events (AEs) encountered over 6 years were independently characterised [1]. Graves’ disease was the most common thyroid AE detected in 40% of the patients within 4 years after the last alemtuzumab course. The favourable MS disease outcomes over a 6-year period were however similar in patients with or without thyroid AEs. An expert panel of 3 independent endocrinologists reviewed all reported thyroid-related laboratory abnormalities and AEs from the CARE-MS trials. Over 6 years, 378 of 811 (47%) patients treated with alemtuzumab had a laboratory abnormality (n=36) or thyroid AE (n=342; 44 serious). A consensus on thyroid AEs was reached in 292 cases, adjudicated as follows: Graves’ disease: 40%; Hashimoto’s disease: 17%; transient thyroiditis: 8%; Graves’ disease switching to hypothyroidism 6%; ...

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