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Anti-CD20 DMTs associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes

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The first results of the COVID-19 in MS Global Data Sharing Initiative suggest anti-CD20 disease-modifying treatment (DMT) is consistently associated with hospitalisation, intensive care admission, and artificial ventilation [1]. These results suggest that anti-CD20 DMT among MS patients at risk for COVID-19 exposure may be a risk factor for more severe COVID-19 disease. Confirmation with Roche's pharmacovigilance program is however needed. Clinician-reported data from 21 countries all over the world were aggregated into a dataset of 1,540 patients. Of these, 476 (30.9%) with suspected and 776 (50.4%) with confirmed COVID-19 were included in the analysis. Older age, progressive MS, and higher EDSS were associated with a higher likelihood of hospital admission but being female with a lower likelihood. Progressive MS and higher disability were associated with a higher risk of intensive care unit admission. Mortality risk was elevated in patients with ...

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