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Lesion-specific perfusion levels affect myelin loss and repair

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Remyelination in MS lesions is heterogeneous and often fails. A key factor to explain this may be the level of perfusion of single MS lesions, which is critical for myelin repair. A new study analysed the relationship between perfusion and subsequent myelin content changes in the white matter lesions in 15 relapsing-remitting MS patients using 11C-PIB PET and 3T MRI. It was found that lesion-specific perfusion at baseline is an independent predictor of successful myelin repair [1]. 11C-PIB PET allows to simultaneously map demyelination and remyelination in vivo and to generate quantitative maps of brain perfusion. In 15 relapsing-remitting MS patients, 11C-PIB PET and 3T MRI were performed at baseline and 2-4 months later. At baseline, 904 lesions were identified on T2-weighted scans. Gadolinium-enhancing lesions were excluded. Successful repair of lesions was defined as remyelination of ≥50% of demyelinated voxels...

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