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NG-specific biomarkers differentiate NMOSD from MS

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Neutrophil granulocyte (NG)-specific biomarkers have high sensitivity and specificity for rapid differentiation between acute NMOSD, anti-MOG antibody-associated disease (MOGAD), and relapsing-remitting MS, even in auto-antibody-negative cases. NG-biomarkers can be measured within a few hours and may help determine treatment choice in the acute phase. Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD), MOGAD, and MS have a different aetiology and pathogenesis and are difficult to differentiate clinically. The diagnostic gold standard for NMOSD and MOGAD is measuring aquaporin-4 and MOG antibodies, but sensitivity is limited and laboratory turnaround time is up to 2 weeks. There is a need for better and also quicker tests. The objective of the presented study was to test whether NG-derived biomarkers in CSF could be used to differentiate NMOSD and MOGAD from MS and whether the results can be used for therapeutic decision-making in the acute disease phase...

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