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Black MS patients have poorer COVID-19 outcomes

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In the North-American COViMS registry, Black MS patients have an increased risk for less favourable outcomes compared with White MS patients, even after adjusting for comorbidities at the time of COVID-19 [1]. COViMS is a North American clinician-based registry for MS patients with COVID-19. Cases are reported after 7 days and when the outcome of infection is reasonably certain. The main objectives of the registry are to see how MS patients as a group fare with COVID-19, and to evaluate how individual disease-modifying treatment (DMT) affects outcomes of COVID-19. The 2 race groups that were considered for the analysis that was presented as a late-breaking abstract were non-Hispanic White and Black or African-American (AA) patients with MS and clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). A total of 858 MS patients were reported in COViMS, 503 (58.6%) were reported as non-Hispanic White and 223 (26.0%) as Black/AA. The latter group were more likely to be youn...

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