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Post-discontinuation immunotherapy in PACIFIC

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Dr Phillip Dennis, Dr Marina Garassino
ELCC 2019
Phase 3, PACIFIC
In the PACIFIC trial, durvalumab provided significant OS benefit to patients with unresectable, stage 3 NSCLC. Although many patients received additional treatment with immunotherapy after discontinuation, this did not affect OS outcomes. Historically, the standard of care for patients with unresectable, stage 3 NSCLC has been platinum-based chemoradiation. However, outcomes have been poor with approximately 15-30% of patients being alive after 5 years [1]. Before the approval of ICIs changed the treatment paradigm, several studies investigated systemic therapy with curative intent after disease control with chemoradiation. However, none demonstrated improved survival [2]. In the world-wide phase 3 PACIFIC trial, patients with stage 3 NSCLC without progression after chemoradiation and with good performance status, received either durvalumab or placebo. Recent analyses showed that both primary endpoints were met, with significant improvements of PFS ...

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