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Other I-O combinations

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Prof. Solange Peters, Lausanne University Hospital and Ludwig Institute, Switzerland
ELCC 2019
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Most combination therapies containing multiple I-O agents being studied in stage 4 lung cancer have anti-PD1/PD-L1 as backbone [1]. Prof. Solange Peters (Lausanne University Hospital and Ludwig Institute, Switzerland) speculated that this might become different in the future. Our current knowledge about the parameters for I-O success has been described in “a wonderful paper which was recently published in Nature Medicine [2]”, Prof. Peters said. “Some intrinsic resistance mechanisms in the tumour are described, which are increasingly being addressed by new compounds.” Furthermore, this knowledge provides a rationale for the evaluation of new I-O/I-O combinations, in which the individual compounds have distinct mechanisms of action. She also addressed the lack of suitable biomarkers for patient selection and monitoring. In the ongoing effort to develop specific biomarkers for ICI therapy, multiple factors should be taken into consideration, ...

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