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Immunotherapy in SCLC: trial data

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Dr Enriqueta Felip, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain
ELCC 2019
CA184-156, CheckMate-451, CASPIAN, Keynote-604, Checkmate 032
The treatment of SCLC has not changed in recent years. “We are still treating these patients with platinum plus etoposide as first-line therapy”, Dr Enriqueta Felip (Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain) said. “In second line, only topotecan has been approved.” The combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy seems the most promising option. In the first-line setting, chemotherapy and atezolizumab resulted in a modest improvement of OS but long-term follow-up data is needed. Results in the second line and maintenance setting are disappointing. The randomised, phase 3 CA184-156 trial, evaluating platinum/etoposide plus ipilimumab or placebo as first-line treatment of extensive disease (ED)-SCLC patients, showed no signal of efficacy with the addition of ipilimumab. Toxicity, mainly diarrhoea and rash, and discontinuation rate (18% vs 2%) were significantly higher in the ipilimumab arm [1]. “So, this was a negative study”, Dr Felip concluded. Mor...

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