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Experiences from France

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Dr Benjamin Besse, Institut Gustave Roussy, France
ELCC 2019
Dr Benjamin Besse (Institut Gustave Roussy, France) talked about the French experience with respect to the implementation of personalised lung cancer care in clinical routine. In France, a top-down strategy was applied. “This was all about politics.” The first steps were made in 2006, when the Health Ministry and the French National Cancer Institute (NCI) decided to start the French Genetic Centers Network (www.e-cancer.fr). This initiative was aimed to provide nationwide molecular diagnostic tests. The French NCI granted 28 regional centres, roughly covering the whole French territory, based on a cooperation of academic and specialised cancer centres. “This platform is directly paid by the government”, Dr Besse mentioned. “All patients have access to molecular diagnostics, independent of the status of the healthcare institution (public or private).” The high-quality tests are performed for both haematological and sol...

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