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Letter from the editor

Dr Stefan Rauh, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Esch, Luxembourg
ELCC 2019
Dear Reader, ESMO’s annual European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC) is a mainly educational event, taking place since it’s launch in April in Geneva. Once back home, attendees will not have a load of practice-changing studies in their suitcase. They will rather have updated and checked their knowledge of recent evidence and best current practice in the field of lung cancer. Looking back at the major advances in recent years – in particular due to advances in genetic profiling, imaging, and last but not least: immunotherapy – keeping up is an ever bigger challenge. Helping you to keep up is also our aim, providing you in this Medicom Report with some major summaries of ELCC events (acknowledging in advance that it cannot reflect the totality of t...

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