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Experiences from Germany

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Prof. Jürgen Wolf, University Hospital of Cologne, Germany
ELCC 2019
“I have the impression that in the lung cancer field, there is a striking discrepancy between what we can do in terms of molecular medicine and what patients really have access to”, Prof. Jürgen Wolf (University Hospital of Cologne, Germany) stated at the beginning of his lecture. In Germany, a bottom-up approach was applied with respect to the implementation of personalised lung cancer care. Systemic therapy of advanced NSCLC is increasingly molecularly guided. “This not only holds true for the trial setting, but also for the use in daily practice of an excitingly increasing numbers of new targets”, Prof. Wolf stated. Regarding immunotherapy, he expects that next to PD-L1 also other markers will be implemented. Personalised treatment has been found to prolong survival substantially, “not only one or two months, we know from the era of chemotherapy, but a yearlong survival in patients with EGFR-positive NSCLC”, Prof. Wolf said based on own results...

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