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Polypill plus aspirin reduces cardiovascular events

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Prof. Salim Yusuf, Population Health Research Institute, Canada
AHA 2020

In an intermediate-risk population without cardiovascular disease (CVD), a polypill reduced CVD by 21% compared with placebo over 4.6 years, according to findings from the TIPS-3 study [1]. A combination of a polypill and aspirin yielded an even greater reduction of 31%.

The TIPS-3 study (NCT01646437) is a randomised controlled trial with a 2x2x2 factorial design, conducted in 9, mainly South Asian countries. Prof. Salim Yusuf (Population Health Research Institute, Canada) presented the results, which were simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine [1,2]. TIPS-3 randomised 5,713 people who did not have CVD but were classified as being at intermediate or high risk as measured by the INTERHEART Risk Score. Mean age of the participants was 64 years, and 53% were female. The polypill contained atenolol (100 mg), ramipril (10 mg), hydrochlo...

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