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AF monitoring following cardiovascular surgery

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Prof. Subodh Verma, University of Toronto, Canada)
AHA 2020
In patients who have undergone cardiac surgery and have an elevated risk of stroke with no history of pre-operative or pre-discharge atrial fibrillation (AF), a strategy of continuous rhythm monitoring unveiled a significant persistent burden of unrecognised and potentially actionable post-operative AF (POAF) in the SEARCH-AF trial [1]. The results of the SEARCH-AF trial (NCT02793895) were presented by Prof. Subodh Verma (St. Michael's Hospital; University of Toronto, Canada). He explained that POAF occurs post-operatively in 30–50% of patients, peaking at 3–5 days; whether the risk of POAF persists thereafter is unknown. The SEARCH-AF trial set out to test whether enhanced cardiac rhythm monitoring after cardiac surgery would improve AF detection in high-risk patients. The participants were post-cardiac surgical patients (with isolated coronary artery bypass graft...

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