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AHA 2020 Highlights Podcast

Presented By
Dr Rachel Giles, Medicom
AHA 2020

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In this episode, Dr Rachel Giles dives into clinical trial results presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions 2020. Topics include:

      1. Sayegh M. et al. Systemic Inflammation in Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection May Lead to Elevated Cardiac Cytokines and Adverse Remodeling.
      2. Yusuf S, et al. Aspirin Alone and in Combination With a Polypill in Cardiovascular Disease Primary Prevention: Results From the International Polycap Study (TIPS)-3.
      3. Howard J, et al. A Three-Arm N-of-1 Trial With Statin, Placebo and Tablet Free Periods, to Verify Side Effects and Identify Their Cause: The SAMSON Trial.
      4. Bhatt D, et al. Sotagliflozin in Diabetes Patients with Recent Worsening Heart Failure – SOLOIST-WHF. LBS.07. Virtual AHA Scientific Sessions 2020...

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