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Intensive blood pressure lowering benefits older adults

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Prof. William Cushman, University of Tennessee Health Science, USA
AHA 2020

Lowering systolic blood pressure (SBP) to <120 mmHg (intensive treatment) or <130 mmHg (standard treatment) has reduced the incidence of cardiovascular (CV) outcomes, mortality, and mild cognitive impairment, especially in older people. This was the main conclusion Prof. William Cushman (University of Tennessee Health Science, USA) drew at a seminar discussing the outcomes of the SPRINT trial published over the past 4 years [1].

The ACC/AHA guidelines state that “Treatment of hypertension with a SBP treatment goal of less than 130 mmHg is recommended for non-institutionalised ambulatory community-dwelling adults (≥65 years of age) with an average SBP of 130 mmHg or higher.” According to Prof. Cushman, “We should be treating a lot more individuals in the older population to these goals according to guidelines and the evidence.” Guideline-changing evidence has especially been offered by the randomised controlled SPRINT trial ( register now.

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