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Rilonacept reduces risk of pericarditis recurrence

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Dr Alan Klein, Cleveland Clinic, USA
AHA 2020
In patients with symptomatic recurrent pericarditis failing standard of care, addition of the interleukin (IL) 1α/1β inhibitor rilonacept resolved pericarditis episodes in the RHAPSODY trial. Rilonacept monotherapy reduced the risk of pericarditis recurrence by 96%. The treatment also had corticosteroid-sparing effects and improved quality of life [1,2]. Dr Alan Klein (Cleveland Clinic, USA) presented the main results of the RHAPSODY trial (NCT03737110). As Dr Klein explained, recurrent pericarditis is a debilitating disease with no (FDA) approved therapies; typically a combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), colchicine, and steroids is given. In the long run, steroids are associated with significant morbidity. IL-1 has been implicated as a key mediator in recurrent peric...

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