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Effects of CVD in hospitalised COVID-19 patients

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Prof. Ann Marie Navar, University of Texas Southwestern, USA
AHA 2020

A study of >28,000 American COVID-19 patients revealed that cardiovascular disease (CVD) or CVD risk factors dramatically increase the risk of in-hospital mortality. The risk of death was particularly high for older men [1].

The current analysis utilised electronic health records from 54 health systems that use a COVID-19 database. Prof. Ann Marie Navar (University of Texas Southwestern, USA) sought to understand who is most at risk, which is especially important for deploying immunisation strategies. Overall, 28,299 hospitalised patients with COVID-19 were identified. The analysis focused on 19,584 hospitalised patients who were discharged home or died in the hospital as of 1 July 2020. The median age was 52 years, 52.3% were male, 29.4% were Hispanic, and 21.5% were Black. Comorbidities were common: 50.4% had hypertension, 31.1% had diabetes, 18.0% had coronary artery disease, 14.3% had prior heart failure, and 5.6% had end-stage renal disease (see Ta...

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