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Personality trait alterations in MS patients

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Dr Laura Chu, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Personality traits that are often seen in patients with a recent MS diagnosis (<2 years ago) are, first and foremost, being highly agreeable, followed by being conscientious, open, and neurotic. Extraversion is less prominent. Women are significantly more likely to be agreeable and conscientious than men [1]. Neuropsychiatric changes, including personality disturbances, are common in patients with MS. Personality traits may help explain differences on an individual level in disease acceptance, coping styles, and psychological well-being. As such, these traits impact patient care, compliance, and quality of life, and they influence healthy behaviour, symptoms, and comorbidities. Little is known about the personality of MS patients at the earliest stages of the disease. To this end, the MS clinic of the Western University in Canada performed a retrospective chart ...

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