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High-sensitive biomarker detection in MS via novel ELISA assay

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Prof. Maria Cruz Sádaba, Private University San Pablo CEU, Spain
An international research team developed a novel high-sensitive ELISA assay to detect antibodies to myelin lipid antigens in the serum of patients with MS. Their analysis demonstrated that IgM antibodies reactive with phosphatidylcholine (IgM-PC) can be a sensitive biomarker for MS [1]. The detection of specific antibodies reacting with lipids in myelin, the main target in MS, has been troublesome due to technical issues and antibody parameters in serum samples of MS patients. To this end, the current study aimed to develop a high-sensitive technique to detect antibodies to lipids in MS patients. Furthermore, IgM and IgG antibodies in reaction with PC or lactosylceramide (LC) were assessed as potential biomarkers in these patients. The team collected serum samples of 362 MS patients (clinically isolated syndrome, n=17; primary progressive MS, n=37; relapsing-remitting MS, n=62; secondary progressive MS, n=50; benign MS, n=36), 80 control participants, and...

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