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Top score poster: Meta-analysis on the effect of DMTs

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Dr Mirko Capanna, University of Genoa, Italy
A new meta-analysis of over 10,000 participants in 16 randomised trials investigating disease-modifying therapies (DMTs), including patients with progressive forms of MS, showed a 13% reduction of confirmed disability progression (CDP). A subsequent subgroup analysis indicated that this benefit was almost entirely attributable to the response in patients with active disease [1]. Although relapsing-remitting MS has several available therapies, only limited options are available for progressive forms of MS, such as primary (PPMS) and secondary progressive MS (SPMS) [2]. The current study investigated the benefit of DMTs on reducing the progression of disability in progressive forms of MS and the efficacy of DMTs on participants with more active/inflammatory MS. Dr Mirko Capanna (University of Genoa, Italy) presented the study that was awarded a Top Score Poster prize at ECTRIMS 2021. A meta-analysis of 16 randomised ...

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