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Getting evidence into practice

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Prof. Carl Clarke & Prof. Barbara Tettenborn
EAN 2022
The EAN 2022 meeting’s overarching theme was ‘Getting evidence into practice’. A range of workshops and symposia addressed this subject, including the plenary symposium ‘Improving lives and reducing burden: What evidence do we need to implement?’. Discussed was the need to speed up the process of implementing results from clinical trials into the practice. Neurologists themselves can play a part in this, as well as incorporating implementation science in training programmes. Also discussed was the EAN Campus, an e-learning platform meant to cover the full curriculum of the European Training Requirements in Neurology (ETRN) by 2026. The plenary symposium moderated by Prof. Maurizio Leone (Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, Italy) included lectures on how implementing evidence can improve lives and reduce disease burden [1]. The symposium first addressed the question if neurology trials inform everyday clinical practice well enough. Prof. Carl ...

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