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More headaches in adolescents during COVID-19 pandemic

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Dr Ayşe Nur Özdag Acarli, Ermenek State Hospital, Turkey
EAN 2022
A Turkish study found evidence that the long-term psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic translates into worsening headache among adolescents. Over one third of schoolchildren who received online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic reported worsening headache symptoms or new-onset headaches. Though initially it seemed that the lockdown potentially had an improvement on headache in children due to reduced school-related stress, the long-term effect of the pandemic on headache in adolescents remained unknown. The current study analysed 851 adolescents who were admitted to the outpatient clinic of the Ermenek State Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey [1]. Participants were between 10 and 18 years of age and 531 (62%) were girls. Of them, 756 (89%) reported headaches over the study period. Among the group of children with headaches, 10% reported new-onset headaches over the pandemic home-schooling period, while headaches worsened in 27%, remained st...

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