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Acute stroke management: from time window to tissue window?

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Dr Davide Strambo, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
EAN 2022
Core/penumbra mismatch criteria for the extended time window for endovascular treatment were not met by about a third of stroke patients in the early time window (<6 hours). The absence of this mismatch was independently associated with an unfavourable outcome after 3 months. These results raise the question if, apart from a time window, a tissue window should also be considered in early arriving patients. Treatment of acute ischaemic stroke (AIS) with mechanical thrombectomy is strongly time dependent and since 2018 it is mainly applied 6–30 hours after AIS. In this late time-window, patient selection is based on advanced neuroimaging, which needs to demonstrate a significant penumbra in order for a patient to be selected for thrombectomy. In the early time-window (<6 hours after AIS), there is no need for this type of advanced penumbra imaging; a CT-scan or MRI is sufficient. Dr Davide Strambo (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) and col...

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