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Novel treatment options for many dermatologic indications

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Prof. Lone Sko; Prof. Lars Iversen
WCD 2019
More and more new oral small molecules are entering the dermatologic arena. A relevant advantage over biologics is their oral bioavailability. Small molecule inhibitors are organic compounds with different chemical structures and molecular weights ranging from 500 to 900 Da. As Prof. Lone Skov (Herlev-Gentofte Hospital, Denmark) pointed out, they have a simple structure and are easy to produce; hence, they are much cheaper than biologics [1,2]. Small molecules can easily diffuse across cell membranes to reach intracellular sites. Once the inhibitor enters the cells, it affects various other molecules and reduces cellular levels of specific proteins [3]. In comparison to larger molecules such as monoclonal antibodies, they have the advantage of possible oral administration and ease of combination with other treatments [3]. TYK2 inhibitor promising in psoriasis Prof. Lars Iversen (Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark) pointed ou...

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