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Biologics: biosimilars and lifestyle

WCD 2019

Although therapeutic care of psoriasis has improved tremendously in the past decade, unequal access to medicine and specialist care still persists. Despite pharmaceutical progress, lifestyle management is also still of crucial importance because patient characteristics influence response to treatment.

Biologics have revolutionised psoriasis care and made total skin clearance an achievable goal [1]. A retrospective cohort study has shown a significant reduction for all hospital resources in the year following initiation of biologic therapy in 76 patients with severe psoriasis; and inpatient admissions was lowered by more than 80% [2]. Thus, at least some of the higher drug costs are offset by substantial reductions in the number and length of hospital admissions. “However, significant unmet needs remain with the use of biologics,” said Prof. Jonathan Barker (King´s College London, United Kingdom). They are expensive, most patients have localised disease, an...

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