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Antibiotics in hidradenitis suppurativa

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Dr Dunja Ana Vekic, University of New South Wales, Australia
WCD 2019

Antibiotics still play an important role in hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). Overuse or arbitrary use should be avoided, stated Dr Dunja Ana Vekic (University of New South Wales, Australia).

Although HS is not primarily an infectious disease, bacteria contribute to the inflammatory drive [1]. The microbiome of healthy skin and HS is different and bacterial biofilms possibly play a role in chronic HS [1-3]. Various guidelines suggest antibiotics in mild-to-moderate HS and also for acute lesions of all stages [1,4, 5]. Currently, clindamycin 1% is the only recommended topical therapy for mild disease as it demonstrated benefit over placebo [1,4,6]. Oral antibiotics should be given for Hurley stages 2 and 3 and non-responders to topical antibiotics [1]. Approved agents for monotherapy are tetracycline, minocycline, and the most commonly prescribed doxycycline [1,5]. Combination therapy is recommended with clindamycin plus rifampicin [1].

Concerns for ant...

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