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Choosing the right biologic in psoriasis

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Prof. Nick Reynolds, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
WCD 2019

Biologic therapies for psoriasis are currently prescribed in a neither efficient nor cost-effective way. Disease endotypes, genotypes, cytokines, or patient baseline characteristics could allow for better guidance in treatment choice.

Therapeutic challenges in psoriasis management include disease clearance and maintaining remission effectively. New and developing insights into the aetiology of the condition, including the key genomic, immune, and environmental factors, have led to the development of precision therapies according to disease and drug endotype. Today, numerous biologics are approved with different targets. “However, it is critical to understand the real-world efficacy and safety profile of these agents,” said Prof. Nick Reynolds (Newcastle University, United Kingdom) [1]. In an analysis of the 3,523 biologically-naïve patients in the BADBIR registry, drug survival of ustekinumab was shown to be superior to etanercept, infliximab, and adalimum...

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