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Letter from the Editor

Dr Stefan Rauh, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Luxembourg
ESMO 2020
Dear Reader, I am delighted to introduce this year’s Medicom ESMO Annual Congress report. In case anyone had doubts that participants in former years rather attended due to Madrid’s clement climate and gastronomy - this viral-cursed 2020 edition proved otherwise: all virtual, the conference “still” boasts over 30,000 registrants from more than 150 countries and featured 2,137 (including 87 late-breaking) abstracts with 12 simultaneous publications in major peer-reviewed journals (as well as the educational presentations). There’s news: CDK4/6 inhibitors entering adjuvant treatment in early breast cancer, as well as a long-awaited new treatment option – a monoclonal antibody conjugate – in the poor prognosis triple negative metastatic breast cancer (mTNBC). You may lose some certainties: How valuable is check-point inhibition in mTNBC? Is intensive surveillance (often a standard) in resected colorectal cancer really worth it? (disturbing, indeed: Will w...

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