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Real-world data on brodalumab affirms efficacy and fast onset of action

Presented by
Dr Ralph Von Kiedrowski
EADV 2020
A German study investigated the performance of brodalumab for the treatment of psoriasis in real-world conditions. They found meaningful responses as of week 2 and the highest clearance rates was observed in biologic-naïve patients.

Brodalumab has shown remarkable efficacy and fast onset of action in psoriasis patients in clinical phase 3 trials [1,2]. The current LIBERO trial aimed to assess how these results translate into a patient population encountered in the daily practice [1]. The ongoing, prospective, non-interventional study investigates the real-world evidence of brodalumab in disease management of psoriasis after 12 and 52 weeks. Data of over 500 patients was obtained between November 2017 and January 2020 from 216 German study centres on the effect of brodalumab on the absolute Psoriasis Area Severity Index (aPASI). Dr Ralph Von Kiedrowski (Germany) presented the 12-week results of the study at the 29th EADV Congress [3].

The mean age of the study subjects was 50 years, mean duration of disease 20 years, and 64.9% of the patients were male. Baseline grades of psoriasis severity were 28% mild, 41% moderate, 19% severe, and 12% very severe. More than half of the patients had never received biologics before (57.2%). Of those who received preceding biological therapy, 39% were changed within 3 months from IL-17A antagonists, 47% from TNF blockers, and 17% from IL-23/12 or IL-23 antagonists.

At week 12, 77.2% of the patients met the primary endpoint of aPASI ≤3. Interestingly, the mean aPASI already dropped from 16.9 at baseline to 9.1 by week 2 and continued to decrease to 4.8 at week 4. PASI 75 and PASI 100 were achieved by 82.3% and 37.0% of the biologic-naïve patients compared with 64.8% and 27.8% with previous TNF-blocker treatment, respectively. After 12 weeks, complete clearance (PASI 100) was reached by a quarter of the patients in the baseline category of very severe psoriasis (mean PASI 30.5).

In conclusion, this large study on real-word evidence confirms that brodalumab induces swift ameliorations of aPASI with a high grade of efficacy.


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