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Bimekizumab in psoriasis: Up-and-coming

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Prof. Bruce Strober, Yale University, USA
EADV 2020
Phase 3, BE VIVID
In the multicentre, randomised phase 3 BE VIVID trial, bimekizumab led to higher rates of psoriasis improvement compared with ustekinumab in the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. These results were consistent across subgroups stratified by weight, baseline PASI, and prior biologic therapy. The novel antibody bimekizumab inhibits IL-17A and IL-17F [1]. “IL-17A and IL-17F are key drivers in the pathogenesis of psoriasis,” Prof. Bruce Strober (Yale University, USA) pointed out. “The response to psoriasis therapy varies based on patient demographics, disease characteristics, and prior treatment exposure. Therapies that provide a consistent and durable response, regardless of these variables are needed.” The double-blinded, 52-week, phase 3 BE VIVID (NCT03370133) trial was designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of bimekizumab comp...

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