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Vedolizumab in anti-TNF-naïve IBD patients and safety profile

ECCO 2018

Vedolizumab in anti-TNF-naïve IBD patients

The effectiveness and safety of vedolizumab in anti-TNF-naïve patients was demonstrated in a real-world setting using a retrospective, multicentre, pooled cohort study [1]. This included consecutive, active, anti-TNF-naïve IBD patients treated with vedolizumab. The primary outcome was clinical response at week 14. Patients with follow-up beyond week 14 and those discontinuing vedolizumab at any time were included for last follow-up analysis. Since January 2015, anti-TNF-naïve patients (CD n=50; UC n=134) initiated vedolizumab treatment. In CD, 82% of patients responded by week 14, and 64% were in clinical remission. A total of 52% achieved corticosteroid-free remission. At last follow-up (44 weeks), 77.1% of patients with available data had responded to treatment: 68.6% were in clinical remission, 60% in corticosteroid-free remission. In UC, 79.1% of patients responded to treatment and 39.5% wer...

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