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Enhanced post-operative recovery pathways for IBD patients

ECCO 2018

When assessing patients for surgery, one of the key elements is patient counselling to adjust expectations and inform the patient (and caregiver) on various subjects. These include expected course, surgery logistics, practical issues (e.g., preventing dehydration in patients who will have a stoma fitted), and stoma pre-operative counselling. Giving information decreases post-operative anxiety [1].

Surgery has undergone a revolution in recent years: enhanced recovery pathways have been developed and minimally invasive surgery has become the gold standard in IBD. The goals of minimally invasive surgery go beyond the single fact of leaving behind smaller scars. Minimising surgical trauma has many benefits such as shorter hospital stay, less (work-related and social) inactivity, less disability, decreased fears and anxiety of patients, etc.

A study by Spinelli et al. combined laparoscopy with an enhanced recovery pathway in 20 patients with CD [2]. Th...

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