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Micronutrient supplementation as treatment for psychiatric symptoms

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Dr Alexander Häge, ZI Mannheim, Germany
ECNP 2020
Although the role of micronutrient supplementation has been highlighted over the last years, the evidence for the effect of broad-spectrum micronutrients to treat psychiatric symptoms in adults and children is still limited today. More research in larger clinical studies is needed [1]. There is no clear definition of broad-spectrum micronutrients. “Typically, it contains a combination of different vitamins and minerals, combined with botanicals, amino acids, and fatty acids,” explained Dr Alexander Häge (ZI Mannheim, Germany) [1]. The rationale for using broad-spectrum micronutrients in psychiatry is that they serve as co-enzymes for the synthesis, uptake, and breakdown of neurotransmitters, and they are required as co-factors in the energy metabolism of neurons. Adding micronutrients could either restore an inborn metabolic dysfunction or correct the effects of malabsorption due to gastrointestinal inflammation, microbiome composition, or mitochond...

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