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Seasonal pattern and bipolar disorder

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Dr Giovanna Fico, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain
ECNP 2020
A novel positive association of seasonal pattern with undetermined predominant polarity and aggressive behaviour has been outlined. Moreover, a positive association with bipolar disorder subtype II was confirmed. If factors related to the seasonal pattern are better understood, a subgroup of bipolar disorder patients with a more homogeneous disease course may be identified, aiding insights into pathways and subsequently development of new therapies [1]. A seasonal pattern is a bipolar disorder specifier to indicate a clinical course characterised by a tendency towards relapses during specific moments of the year [2]. Manic episodes peak during spring/summer and to a lesser extent in autumn. Depressive episodes peak in early winter and to a lesser extent in summer. A seasonal pattern is predominantly seen in countries in the northern or southern hemisphere, but hardly in equatorial regions. There may be several different factors that influence the occurrenc...

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