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Long-term cardiovascular safety of erenumab

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Dr Stewart Tepper, Geisel School of Medicine, USA
EAN 2020
In an analysis of 4 randomised trials and their open-label extensions, the safety of erenumab was assessed [1]. The frequency of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular adverse events (AEs) was comparable to that of placebo seen over 12 weeks. There was no increased emergence of AEs in up to 5 years of follow-up. Dr Stewart Tepper (Geisel School of Medicine, USA) presented the results of the post-hoc analysis of AEs in erenumab users with episodic or chronic migraine with or without a history of aura. During the 12-week double-blind treatment phase, 2,443 patients were treated with erenumab (70 mg/140 mg once monthly) or placebo. Of these, 1,140 (47%) had a history of aura. Dr Tepper noted that vascular risk factors were more prominent in the aura subgroup. At baseline, ≥2 cardiovascular risk factors were present in 35% of patients with aura and 27% of patients without. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular AE rates were low throughout the controlled and op...

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