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New guidance on rosacea therapy according to phenotype

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Prof. Martin Schaller, University of Tübingen, Germany
EADV 2019
A practical algorithm for choosing the right treatment option has been developed by the ROSCO group for the 7 most common phenotypes of rosacea, as current management in clinical practice should be based on the features of the disease [1]. In his talk, Prof. Bernard Cribier (Strasbourg University Hospital, France) noted that the classification of rosacea according to stages is obsolete as there is considerable overlap of rosacea features between the traditionally used stages and subtypes. This is in line with the global 2019 ROSCO group’s update of their feature-based approach for classification and management decisions [2-4]. “With the new ROSCO approach, you just describe what you see and it is easier to pick a therapy according to the phenotype,” Prof. Cribier said. Based on contemporary publications, the new treatment ROSCO recommendations revise the 2017 guidance particularly with regard to 3 points: (1) although there is insufficient evidence ...

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