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The underestimated effect of visible light

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Dr Serena Lembo, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
EADV 2019
Until recently, visible light (400-700 nm) has been regarded to have no significant cutaneous photobiologic effects [1]. However, they contribute to ROS production and to skin damage attributed to UV light. “We should not forget that not only UV light but also visible light contributes to the production of ROS,” said Dr Serena Lembo (University of Naples Federico II, Italy). Irradiation of human skin equivalents with visible light has been shown to induce production of ROS, proinflammatory cytokines, and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-1 expression in a dose dependent manner [2]. Another trial assessed the free radical induction by sunlight in different spectral regions [3]. It showed that although UV light stimulated the most intensive radical formation, visible light and even near infrared light also considerably contributed to the free radical formation. Half of all free radicals generated in the whole solar spectrum are induced by visible light and nea...

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