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The Rosacea Tracker may aid clinical decision-making

EADV 2019
The ROSCO panel developed a tracking tool to help clinicians continuously follow the disease developments of their rosacea patients that comprises clinical as well as quality-of life-features. This may contribute to facilitating the best possible individualised care. In the wake of the change to a phenotype-based approach to rosacea, the Rosacea Consensus (ROSCO) group saw the need to develop a comprehensive longitudinal monitoring tool [1]. Taking care of patients suffering from this chronic disease involves long-term management with modifications in therapy whenever clinical features change. The new Rosacea Tracker is supposed to offer an option to document changes in rosacea disease features for physicians, as well as an option to record patient-reported clinical changes and influence on patients’ quality of life. Collecting this evidence could enable the physician to decide if and when altering the management is indicated. The global 2019 ROSCO ...

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