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Acne highly influenced by climate, pollutants, and unhealthy diet

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Dr Delphine Kerob, Vichy Laboratories, France
EADV 2019
In an online survey comparing more than 2,800 acne patients to participants without acne, climatic factors, air pollutants, milk products, and sweets as well as a harsh skin routine were identified as exposome factors that affect acne [1]. The exposome comprises all internal and external environmental factors that impact the onset, duration, and severity of a disease. To define the impact of the exposome on acne, an international study was performed in 6 countries (i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Canada, and Russia). A total of 10,040 individuals were recruited and data from 6,679 participants was analysed (acne group n=2,826; control group n=3,853). Eligible for inclusion were acne patients who declared that their acne had been diagnosed by a physician or who had benefitted from an acne treatment prescribed by a physician. All participants filled out an online survey designed to evaluate 6 main exposome factors, climate, nutrition, and pollution....

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